1761 San Marco Rd, Marco Island, FL
1761 San Marco Rd, Marco Island, FL
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Celebrating our 25th Birthday

On December 4th, 2020, we celebrated our 25th birthday as a company. We thank our loyal customers and partners for these prosperous years. It is truly an honor to see such longevity and call ourselves apart of the community.

Tech Equipment Sales Inc. has changed a lot since 1995. We've been blessed to see years of history and change throughout the world, and honored to be apart of it. This year has been the most unprecedented of them all, navigating a world like we've never seen.

Despite this, we've been better than ever, and we're going to continue to be. Thank you to our loyal partners and customers for a successful 25 years!

tech equip hq
Tech Equipment Sales Inc. HQ circa. 2007

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