1761 San Marco Rd, Marco Island, FL
1761 San Marco Rd, Marco Island, FL
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The Leader in Refurbished ECG Machines

Established in 1995, Tech Equipment Sales Inc. has been in the refurbished tech business for 25 years. Originating in the Philadelphia area, Tech Equipment specialized in re-purposing liquidated electronics from institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and Lockheed Martin. Our company evolved into refurbishing/reselling electronics and reloading fired brass. This led us to where we are today.


Tech Equipment is trusted by certified professionals worldwide. We're proud to be the top choice for independent doctors and physicians and hospitals. We recognize the importance of quality control in our products, and that is why we ensure every machine we supply has been certified to standard. Our priority is to provide the best in machine quality and longevity, with the guaranteed best cost-effective option.

Additionally, we're a popular wholesale supplier to a multitude of other refurbished med-tech distributors. We've worked with countless other distributors both domestic and internationally, and we'd be happy to work with you as well!


We've been fortunate to be a thriving business in this pandemic, but our responsibility does not end there. While providing medical equipment to essential workers and practices, working with local officials and other businesses has been at the forefront of our operations. Our responsibility as a small business has always been to assist our community.